Unacceptable Contracts: 2nd tier contracts that need to change in the offseason

We’ve all heard about the big name players who are likely to be cut in the 2014 offseason. Names like Mark Sanchez, Julius Peppers, and Chris Johnson are being thrown around as foregone conclusions to find new, cheaper homes in 2014. I want to outline some of the players that are cheaper, but are likely to change their contracts in the offseason


David Harris, New York Jets:

The Jets veteran inside linebacker is scheduled to make $7,000,000 in 2014. As he approaches the waning years of his career, it is difficult to imagine that the Jets will pay top-dollar for Harris going forward.

With a dead money number of only $2,000,000, Harris is an excellent candidate for a contract extension that will keep him in New York while lowering his annual cap hit.

120113_fletcher_600Patrick Chung and Bradley Fletcher
Philadelphia Eagles:

These two members of the Eagles secondary left much to be desired after joining the team during the 2013 offseason.

The safety and cornerback pair combine for a total of zero dead money, meaning that the Eagles could let them fly the coop in the offseason without incurring any cap penalties.

With a promising young defensive line and Chip Kelly turning heads with his unique personality and coaching style, it certainly seems like they should kill these two birds with one stone.

JON-BALDWINJonathan Baldwin, Forty Niners:

Baldwin was acquired by the Forty Niners in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for wide receiver AJ Jenkins. The hope that a change of scenery would benefit the young receiver proved fruitless as Baldwin ended the 2013 season with 3 catches for 28 yards.

With a career total of 44 receptions, it’s clear that Baldwin isn’t worth the $1,404,765 San Francisco would be paying him. Lucky for his Bay-Area bosses, none of that money is guaranteed. Look for Baldwin to hit the unemployment line in 2014 as the Forty Niners once again try to find a receiver who will be productive coming out of the draft.

Asante-Samuel2Asante Samuel, Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons veteran cornerback was a key player in one of the league’s worst defenses in 2013, and it’s clear that the Falcons are going to need a full rebuild on that side of the ball.

The former Patriot and Eagle is 33 years old and his contract for the 2014 season would be $5,250,000. The Falcons can cut Samuel and only pay him $750,000 of that. It may be time for the Superbowl-winning ball hawk to hang up his cleats.

The NFL offseason can be an unpredictable time NFL fans, but these team-friendly cuts would be a good start to building up cap space to sign rookies and make moves in free agency.

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